Because of my many varied experiences in sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming and my consistent effort to understand why the specific contents of the experiences were what they were, I realized that as a budding onieronaut, to coin a term, I have gained technical insights that are worth sharing. Opportunities for research and experimentation are highlighted, however the opportunities for experimentation are virtually endless. I hope that one day, I can be a part of these studies and experiments.

Towards the end, I’ll talk about certain methods and practices that I have found to elicit these experiences so that researchers…

The more one studies in practically any field of science, the more one realizes that the Universe is a harsh wilderness that doesn’t care whether we live prosperously or all die suddenly.

As awkward as it may seem, this is the crux of a conversation about where scientific progress should progress from. If the task is simply surviving in the face of a universe that will eventually try to kill us no matter where we find a comfortable place to call home, which branches of science are the most fundamental and therefore require the most special attention?

Einstein himself was…

Rob Harvie

— easily distracted musician—

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